celebrating 35 years of negotiation & conflict resolution

Joe Haubenhofer PhD.

Expert negotiation and conflict resolution consult. 



Joe audits and evaluates critical and problem situations at every decision-making level, using both a business and human dynamic perspective. This inclusive and objective approach is then actualized into workable programs. These solutions are congruent with prevailing corporate values, can alleviate short-term problems, and lay the foundation for long-term solutions.




His extensive negotiation and mediation experience is utilized by executives to align functional areas to deliver upon corporate strategies. 

He has consulted successfully with individuals, sales and management teams in a wide variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, transportation, telecommunications, high tech, large machinery, insurance, banking, retail/apparel, automotive, electronics, hospitality, government, health care, and real estate.


Trained at the Harvard Negotiations Project and referenced byWilliam Ury in "Getting Past No", Joe has delivered client-training sessions in North America, Latin American, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Joe received a Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration from Kennedy-Western University. He earned a Masters of Arts in education and a Bachelor of Arts in speech communication from the University of Minnesota.


  • Conflict/Dispute Resolution
  • Global Awareness
  • Facilitation & Design
  • Team Facilitation & Coaching
  • Needs Assessment
  • Planning & Process Development
  • Reinforcement Design
  • Consultative Selling
  • Diagnostic Business Development
  • Problem Solving & Analysis



Client Reviews

Joe is a highly able and experienced consultant. I recommend him to all my clients.
— William L. Ury